صبابات كيتز

كيتز المُصنّع الياباني الرائد للصبابات، تأسس عام 1951. تتوزع مصانع الإنتاج في كل من اليابان وبولندا وايطاليا و دول أخرى

اليوم اصبحت كيتز موجودة في العراق من المصدر مباشر

kitz valves

KITZ Group is a Japanese valves manufacturer based in Japan, founded in 1951 with production facilities in Japan, Poland, Italy and other countries.

To contribute to the global prosperity, KITZ is dedicated to continually enriching its corporate value by offering originality and quality in all products and services. KITZ is dedicated to increasing its corporate value by using this corporate philosophy to guide its business activities.

KITZ believes that corporate value is equivalent to shareholder value from a medium- to a long-term perspective. To continue increasing this value, KITZ believe that they must achieve sustained growth accompanied by earnings through earning the trust of customers.

By increasing the corporate value, KITZ want to help create a more prosperous and fulfilling society by providing many types of benefits to their shareholders, customers, employees, business partners, and society.

KITZ Valves are now available in Iraq and Iraqi cities.