JC Yared Supplies CIB UNIGAS burners In Lebanon And Other Countries.

cib unigas burners

In 1972 Claudio Pancolini, a young talented engineer, thought about a different future; one powered by natural gas. His dream came true with the foundation of CIB Unigas, the first enterprise fully dedicated to realizing high quality burners. The intuition was right; the company grew quickly, evolving to a joint stock company, passing through the 80s and 90s with innovative products and a growing customer base. 

The true turning point came at the start of the new millennium; the challenges of emerging markets required more flexibility and rapid strategic decision making. During this period of change, the Founder and President was joined by his sons Filippo and Riccardo, for the financial and the technological sectors, respectively. 

If we had had less enthusiasm, creativity and that touch of madness necessary for large companies, perhaps we would not be here.


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